NC-BCSP Lay Health Advisors

One important aspect of NC-BCSP is its community-based health education program based on a network of more than 140 lay health advisors (LHAs). NC-BCSP LHAs are older African American women working within their local communities to encourage friends, families, and others they meet to have regular mammograms and pap smears.

The LHAs stay quite busy. They coordinate and lead a variety of breast and cervical cancer education campaigns at local churches, businesses, and community events. Often these campaigns center around some special occasion, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The lay health advisors are all volunteers who have received training on breast and cervical cancer, as well as the benefits of mammography and pap smears. They offer their time and energy because they care about the women in their communities, and want to help spread the word about early detection. Please follow the links below to read more about LHAs and to see pictures of some LHAs in action.
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